Connect the Luxedo Projector to WiFi

Follow the steps below to connect the Luxedo Projection System to WiFi using your computer. 



  1. Plugin your Luxedo and wait for the device to boot up, this should take a few minutes.

  2. Log into your computer and go to your network settings.

  3. In your network settings, you will see a network called LUXEDOXXXX. (Note: The XXXX should match your device ID) 

  4. Connect to your Luxedo network using the unique password included on your projector ID card.

  5. Once your computer has connected to the Luxedo network, open a new Google Chrome browser.

  6. In your Chrome browser, go to

  7. Once at, follow the steps provided on the website to connect your Luxedo device to your preferred network.

  8. Once you have successfully connected your device, reconnect your computer to your original network.

  9. Visit the Luxedo portal at to create your account.

  10. Once you have created an account and are logged in, follow the steps provided in the software to add your device and begin creating. 



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