How to Cast a Good Projection


The Luxedo Projection System is capable of lighting up most homes and surfaces without issue. However, some environments are more suited to projection than others. The following tips and tricks will help you get the most out of your projector no matter what surface you're projecting on.



Projection Tips

  1. Avoid sharp or oblique projection angles that will make your content appear stretched or out of focus. For example, when projecting on your house, avoid slanted roof lines.
  2. Opt for flat, neutral-colored spaces ensure max visual and color quality while projecting.
  3. Try to find the correct distance from your target to place your projector. Positioning your projector close to your target will shrink the size of your projection area, while moving the device back will allow you a bigger area to work with. At the ideal distance, your total projection area will just barely completely cover your target. You will want to fill as much of the projectable region as possible with the light coming from the projector for the best quality images.mceclip0.png
  4. Avoid heavily textured spaces, like landscaped areas.
  5. Make sure your projector is placed on a flat surface to ensure high projection quality.
  6. Ensure you have access to a nearby power source before securing your device in position.



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