Luxedo Hardware Guide



Power On the Luxedo Projector

To power on the Luxedo projector, simply plug your device into a power source. 

  • Note: There are no buttons on the projector itself, this ensures that the Luxedo remains safe to use outdoors, rain or shine. 

Once the device has powered on, it will stay on unless unplugged. After a few minutes of inactivity, the Luxedo projector will enter a power-saving sleep mode. To wake your device up, simply calibrate your device using the Luxedo Portal. 

To check the details or WiFi status of your device(s), visit the Projectors page in the Luxedo Portal and select the device you wish to view.


Power Sourcing

Each Luxedo device accepts a standard, 3-Prong 120 V extension cable. The Luxedo projector does not ship with a power cable because nearly all of our users already own an extension cable that is well suited to their needs (e.g. appropriate length, etc.).


If your device begins to experience issues, such as display errors, simply unplug your device for a couple of minutes, then plug it back in for a full system reboot. If problems continue to occur, please contact our customer support team. 


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