Secure Your Projector

Many people worry about putting an expensive projector in their front yards - but don't worry! We've got several solutions to deter theft.


Firstly, Luxedo projectors can only be operated if the user has the ID and password for the projector (which comes with the projector when it is shipped). If someone was to steal a Luxedo projector, they would not be able to use it at all or re-sell it, for this reason.


Even so, you still may want to physically secure your projector. There are two ways to do this.

Method A: Cable Lock

Our Luxedo Projection System has a small slot on the back which can be used to cable-lock the projector to a fixed object, like a fencepost or tree. 


If there is no fixed object nearby to tether your projector to, you can always put an auger-post (like this) nearby and tether the cable to that.


Method B: Mount The Projector

Our devices also come with four female threaded inserts (one in each leg) which can be used to mount the projector to surface. It's considerably more involved, but many of our users have opted to build their own mounting post / stand and simply bolt the projector to it. This has the advantage of both protecting the projector against theft and keeping the projector's orientation and position consistent.



If you are a DIY-type of person, you may find this mechanical drawing helpful. The Luxedo Projection System accepts #1/4-20 threaded machine screws.

Luxedo Projection System v2:


Luxedo Projection System v3:



Lastly, sometimes the best way to protect something is to not leave it outside overnight at all. If you carefully mark the location of the projector, you can simply take it indoors when you are not using it. As long as you can get it back into the same position and orientation, you will not need to recalibrate it when you next take it outdoors to use it.


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