How To Export A Projection Mapping For A Third Party Editing Software Or Service


Sometimes it is helpful to use the Luxedo software for projection mapping, but use an external software for video editing. Some advanced users will prefer more complex video-editing software (Like Adobe or DaVinci Resolve). Other users may opt to have a third-party design service create their projects for them. Either way, this guide will explain how to export your projection mapping.


First, make sure your projector has been calibrated for the location where you will be using it in the future. See this guide for instructions on performing calibration. Be sure to mark the location of the projector when it is calibrated! You will need the projector to be in this physical location when you start using it to project the video's created from an exported projection mapping.


Once your projector has been calibrated, you'll need to take a calibrated snapshot. Follow this guide to take a snapshot. Once the snapshot has been taken, download the snapshot to your computer by hovering your mouse over the snapshot image and clicking the 'download' icon.


Visually inspect the snapshot to make sure that your projection target (usually your house) is visible. There may be minor distortions or waviness around the edges of surfaces in the picture - this is normal. This snapshot will only be used to 'line up' images and videos on your house correctly. As long as the target is broadly visible and legible, the snapshot will work just fine.


For example, the following image is a perfectly good snapshot:




Alright, you're done!


If you are using a third-party service to design your projects, send this snapshot file to them and tell them to make a video that is the same resolution as this image. As long as the video they make 'overlays' on top of this image correctly, the video will also project onto your house in the right places. Remind them not to include the snapshot in the final render of the video - the 'empty' parts of the video should be black.


If you are using an external video editor (like DaVinci Resolve or Adobe AfterEffects), import this snapshot into your editor and use it as a background image to line up the components of the video you produce:


Make sure you delete the snapshot from the background of your project before you create the final video! You want the 'empty space' at the back of your project to be black in the final render.

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