How to Remove the Background from an Uploaded Media Asset


Sometimes when importing videos, you may need to remove the background. This tutorial shows you how to do that for an uploaded video. 


1. First lets upload a new video. Navigate to the media library.

    a. If you are editing a light show click the media_active_1.png icon in the top left corner.

    b. If you are in the MyLuxedo dashboard, click 'Media Library' in the leftmost menu. 

2. Click the 'Upload Media' box in the top right corner of the lightshow editor.



3. Drag your video to the box labeled 'Drop files here to upload'.



4. Enter a name for your video and click 'Upload'.





5. Once your video is done uploading, click 'CLOSE'.

6. Your uploaded media will appear in the rightmost section of the menu. Right click your newly uploaded video and click 'Edit'.



7. Click the 'Remove Background' option.



8. A preview of your video will open. Click the 'Pick Color From Image' button and click the color you want to remove from the video preview.



9. Click 'Apply'.

10. If the color is not completely removed, adjust the sliders until you are happy with the result.



11. Click 'Save Changes'. A prompt will open warning that the video will be overwritten. Click 'Save'.



The video will now save, with a progress bar showing how far along the process is. 



The menu will close once the video is successfully saved. If you drag your video into a project, you will see the background has been removed!


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