Previewing Luxedo Projection Position


NOTE: While this method will still work, there is a simpler way to preview your projection space. View this article to learn more.


Before calibrating your device, it may be helpful to know exactly where your Luxedo device will be projecting. The following steps will show you how to do just that. 

1. Create a new scene, selecting your newly registered Luxedo device as the projector.


2. If a warning shows up, click 'Okay'. This is simply stating your device has not yet been calibrated.


3. Click the Shapes and Text icon (shape_icon.PNG) to open the Shapes and Text menu.

4. Click '+ Add Shape'.


5. Select 'Square'.


6. Drag each corner of the newly generated square to the edge of your scene.


7. Change the border color and background color of the new square by clicking the boxes below 'BORDER COLOR' and 'BACKGROUND COLOR'.



8. Click 'SAVE' within the Shapes and Text menu. save_button.PNG

9. Click the save icon (save_icon.PNG) to save your scene. 

10. Click the render icon (render_icon.PNG) to open the Render and Play menu.

11. Click the button labeled 'Render' in order to render your scene. This will open the 'Render Scene' menu.


12. Click the 'RENDER' button and wait for your scene to finish rendering. 



13. Within the Render and Play menu, click the 'Preview on Device' button. This will open the 'Preview Scene' menu.


14. Select the projector you are wanting to calibrate, then click 'PREVIEW'. 



Your Luxedo will now project a white rectangle, which you can utilize to preview where exactly your device will project.

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