Updating your Luxedo

Here at Luxedo, we are constantly working to optimize and add features to our system. Occasionally, we release firmware updates, which must be installed on your Luxedo device. This tutorial will show you how to check for updates and update your Luxedo device. 


If you have a registered device which needs updating, when loading the portal you will see a popup prompting you to update. Click 'Update Now' to begin updating your device. 



Occasionally, this popup will not show for users who need to update their devices. If this is the case follow the steps below to check for an update.

1. Right click on your projector within the Luxedo portal. 


2. Click 'Edit'.

3. This will open the projector settings. Click the button labeled 'About' on the left side of the newly opened menu. 



4. If your device can be updated, on the bottom of this page, you will see a button labeled 'Updated Projector'. Click this button.

5. You will see a popup prompting you to be certain your device stays connected to the internet during the update process. Click the 'Proceed' button.


6. Your device will now update. Be sure to keep your device plugged in and connected to the internet during this process.

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