Chaining Multiple Scenes Together

Most of the time, to create an entire lightshow, you will be stringing multiple different scenes together to form one large loop. This article will walk you through looping multiple scenes together.

NOTE: Our development team is working to add a feature which will make this much simpler.  



  1. Create a couple of short scenes.
  2. Render them and preview them to make sure they look right.
  3. Click on "SETUP LIGHTSHOW" on the Luxedo home page.
  4. Use the interface to schedule your first scene to play, like you can see in this video (
  5. Now schedule the other scenes to follow after - you can chain them together in whatever order you want, on the fly, by simply scheduling them in the order you want.

Detailed Walkthrough: Scheduling Multiple Scenes to Loop Together

For example's sake, lets say you have 3 different shows you would like to run on a loop. 
Show #1 is 5 minutes long, show #2 is 2 minutes long and show #3 is 3 minutes long, resulting in a 10 minute long loop. If you wanted to have them loop one after another, you would do as follows:

1. Schedule the first show when you want it to start. Set it to repeat every 10 minutes (10 minutes as that is the combined length of all the scenes). NOTE: If you do not want the show to repeat, simply select Do Not Repeat.

2. Schedule your next show for when the previous show will end (in this example that would be 8:05pm) be sure to update the end time to reflect the project length properly (this show is 2 minutes long, two minutes past 8:05 is 8:07). Set this show to loop every 10 minutes as well.

3. Lastly, repeat the process with the last show, ensuring you set the start date for when the previous show will end and updating the show length properly. 

Just like that, it's done! No re-rendering needed, and it's easy to change on the fly.
The best part is, if you decide you want to change a scene, all you need to do is make your change, re-render it, and your whole lightshow will update! No need to jump through the hoops of downloading the video, uploading it as media, and editing your big video.

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