Using LuxLink to Calibrate a LuxCast

If, when working with your LuxCast, the calibration continues to fail, or your webcam is taking images which appear much too dark or much too bright, you may want to leverage our LuxLink software in order to simply calibrate your device to generate a snapshot. 

NOTE: This is a temporary solution to work around a known bug our development team is actively working to resolve.


First - you will need access to our LuxLink software. Go to our website hover over products and select LuxLink. LuxLink is our software subscription to use without a device. Sign up for the three day demo in order to gain access to the software when not using a Luxedo device. 



Once you have activated your demo of LuxLink, follow the instructions below to generate a snapshot for LuxCast projector:

1. Add a new projector, selecting "Use my own projector and camera with LuxLink".



2. Create a name for the temporary device. Click continue and proceed to connect your projector.



3. Plug the projector into your computer using an HDMI cable and click connect projector.



4. You will see a list of active display options. Click the correct one - you will see a preview of the display you have chosen.



5. Verify you are connected to the right display.6.PNG


6. Connect your camera using a USB cable and click connect camera.



7. Adjust the camera exposure so that you can see each image clearly as seen below. 



8. Your temporary LuxLink device has been successfully set up, now to move onto calibration.9.PNG


9. Keep this tab open and return to your portal. Once there, you should see a "Projector Connected!" overlay. Click Yes (Recommended) in order to begin the calibration process.



10. Follow the steps of calibration, ensuring the projection space is dark. Once calibrated, a snapshot will be automatically generated. This is the snapshot you will use for your LuxCast. 11.PNG


11. In order to download said snapshot, return to the portal, right click on your temporary LuxLink device and click edit. From here click "My Snapshots" button. 



12.  Click 'Saved Snapshots' and there you can see your new snapshot!



13. From here you can now create a new scene for your LuxCast unit using the same snapshot! Go to the portal workspace and click "Create" in the top left corner. 



14. Select your LuxCast, add a scene name and click create. Note: You may get a warning that your device is not calibrated, just ignore it.-1.PNG


15. Now that you are within the editor, hover over your projector. And click Snapshots. 



16. In order to view the snapshot you just generated you will need to select the Show snapshots for all projectors option. 212.PNG Now you should be able to see your newly generated snapshot! Create your show using that as your backdrop and everything should work as expected! 



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