Using Luxedo Radio with a Directly Uploaded Project

If you are looking to leverage Luxedo Radio in order to power the audio for your lightshow, but your project is a direct upload, there are a few steps you will need to take.

Note: Our development team will be adding this to the projector settings in a future update.


 1. Open the Luxedo lightshow editor. To do this you may need to create a new project. Click the create button in the top left corner.


2. Add a name and select your projector. Be sure the "Create/Edit Scene with Third-Party Video Editor" option is NOT selected.ovlay.PNG

3. Click the Luxedo Radio button on the top of the newly opened editor.


4. This will open a menu on the right side. From there click "Enable Broadcast" to generate a code for Luxedo Radio.


5. A new code will be generated. This code is linked to your Luxedo projector. Anytime you start a lightshow, the sound can be accessed using this code. 


6. Start your uploaded lightshow and navigate to

7. Enter your code and click submit! You are now streaming the audio from your lightshow!


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